We're always working on something. 

Alongside being focussed on our small group PT classes, we love to get everyone together from across the JERK landscape. These drop in sessions are here to get everyone moving together.

Check out below for whats coming up.



A great test of your personal level of fitness in a fun & supportive environment. Suitable for all levels of fitness, this functional fitness session tests you physically & mentally whilst you enjoy the beautiful natural setting around you.

Sit ups, push ups, squats, running and a big sand dune. Sounds simple right? Come and get involved!


Friday Nights is based on the social enjoyment of starting the weekend.

A time based session designed to get you moving and completed in time to get back for that Friday night feeling. The session uses a selection of bodyweight exercises and is scaled for all levels of participation. It's a great way to start the weekend.


This drop in style beach session will get take you through a carefully planned session on the sand incorporating functional fitness movements to maximise  an all body workout. All of this in the fresh air of our stunning training environment making for an amazing experience all round.

let us look after you.

Before starting any of our training sessions we will need to know a little bit about you & your exercise history. 

Don't panic it's not a test, more just a way of us being able to look after you.
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