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THE BEST FOR YOU & the awesome people around you

Want to come and hang out with some JERKS? Our enjoyable, interesting and varied training classes are set and ready for you and your wonderful crew. Be it employees, club members or any other way that beings you together we’re here for you all.

 Classes can be designed to fit into, before or after the work day with a variety of equipment dependant on space and participants. 

Classes and programmes can be designed as one off sessions or ongoing programmes to be inclusive of all ability levels.

These fun classes are based on building a functional level of fitness for everyday life and your athletic endeavours. 

You'll find a mixture of Strength, Calisthenics and Metabolic Conditioning work. 

No idea what that sentence meant? Not a problem. 

Try, making lifting heavy things easier, exercises only using your bodyweight and cardio/calorie burning. 

Whatever you call it, you'll find a mixture of exercises put together in a variety of ways to keep it interesting and have you coming back for more whilst adding an extra dynamic to your schedules.

Classes can booked and either paid for either individually, subsidised or group payment.
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