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A warm welcome to Jerk Training based in Woolacombe, North Devon. 

Here you'll find all things exercise, fitness and training.

We train outdoors, in all weathers, 365.
We don't take ourselves too seriously & are continually growing our likeminded community of normal humans with normal lives and everyday struggles. 

We're always aiming to have some fun, enjoy ourselves whilst encouraging others to join in and get a bit better every day. 

Come along with us, you won't regret it.

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These groups are at the heart
of what we do.

Small groups of likeminded people wanting to have some fun, get a bit better every time and then do it again and again. 

These classes really are for everyone
 and every level, I promise. 

From first time to lifer, 
there's room for everyone.


Held in our stunning fitness facility, offering fresh air, stunning views and the occasional seagull, these sessions are not only a great workout but an experience definitely worth getting sandy for. 


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lift & shift

Lift & shift

JERK Training are proud to offer a brand new Lift & Shift session.

This has been specifically designed to target strength and power movements. This is a perfect addition to compliment your current JERK programme and give you that extra edge. 

Think strength work designed in a circuit style with a Jerk twist - who’s in?


Friday Nights is based on the 

social enjoyment of starting the weekend.

A time based session designed to get you moving and completed in time to get back for that Friday night feeling. 

The session is designed to keep you working using carefully selected resistance and bodyweight exercises. Long summer evenings spent on the beach & our winter programmes sees us getting through some fun comp style WODS - you’ll definitely leave feeling you’ve had a workout! 

The workouts are designed at varying weights & difficulty giving everyone the ability to train side by side and to their own level.

We think it's a great way to start the weekend, come along and see what you think.

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"Been Jerking for about 3 months now and my only one regret is not doing it sooner! Jon, Matt and the rest of the trainers are amazing, the variety of classes means there is something for everyone and I've never felt so inspired to get out and do some decent exercise. Give it a try, you wont regret it!"


“Apart from completing Couch to 5k (once!) I have never been able to stick with a regular exercise routine until I started Jerk last Spring following a health scare. 

I can’t imagine *not* doing this now as a way of relieving stress and to up my fitness so I can keep up with my two young boys! Jon has nurtured us all as a group and has helped us individually with any worries or alterations to exercises that we need. 

So I get the benefit of 1 to 1 but also having to ‘show up’ as part of a group is a really helpful motivator for me. I have never liked gym environments (too many mirrors!) And so the view and fresh air is such a bonus as that just adds to the endorphin hit! I am always impressed by Jon’s enthusiasm and ability to get us moving and cheer us up when we turn up yawning and crumpled (whether that’s physically or mentally or both!) 

Another big part of my Jerk journey is the variety - we get to do something different every week and as someone with a major aversion to routine this is perfect for me. But we still get to repeat a session with significant time passed to see how we have progressed too. 

I can’t recommend Jerk Training enough for all that these guys offer and the camaraderie I have enjoyed with my group! Just wish I could squeeze in another weekly sesh!”


We're here for you.
We'll train you. 

Turns out we will do anything for you. 

new 2 this 

Awesome. Welcome. Don't be scared. Seriously. I know full well the hardest thing is to try something new outside of your comfort zone. 

Honestly, I promise we're a nice bunch of people who are either like you or were like you a week/month/year ago and are here to all have a good time together and help each other.

Thank you for joining us.


Not new, not old. Somewhere in-between. 
Hop in, you'll be great. 

There's personal training and plenty of classes to help you succeed. 

We're all here for the same positive reasons.

the old guard

Seasoned Athlete?
Awesome, jump in and let's get a wriggle on. 

We've got sports conditioning covered and classes ready for you to push yourself in a 
new way. 

What's stopping you?

Scared? Worried? Not fit enough and need to get fit before coming to a get fit class?

We've heard it and totally get it, but you've come this far. Don't get in your own way now.

The next bit is simple, just turn up - you'll be glad you did.

Time to get going.

Start a conversation.

Just click that What’s App button, 
say hello and let’s get going. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

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